Thursday, November 29, 2007

Real Life: The New Multiplayer Videogame

Have a hard time deciding what to buy your friend for Christmas, look no further then this brand new game:

Real Life

According to this review, Real Life is:

“….the most accessible and most widely accepted massively multiplayer online role-playing game to date. Featuring believable characters, plenty of lasting appeal, and a lot of challenge and variety, real life is absolutely recommendable to those who've grown weary of all the cookie-cutter games that have tried to emulate its popularity--or to just about anyone, really.”

You can do just about anything in this game, but make sure that it is your cup of tea before you buy, the review also says:

“Real life can occasionally feel like a chore. Some players legitimately dislike it, despite having attempted and even excelled at numerous career paths. Others externalize their frustrations by harming other players or, in some cases, even harming themselves. These players do have access to various support forums, and often end up whiling away the time by engaging in various available minigames or other competitive activities.”

Even so, Real Life is the game to beat this holiday season.

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