Thursday, January 24, 2008

Space Ship Two

Virgin Galactic announced the first commercial space craft to lift off soon. They should start in late 2009, with the first test flights around june of this year.

This is pretty exiting news, it means more then just Backstreet Boys and aging politicians can soon make it into space (for a substantial amount of money.)

There are even plans for an inflatable space hotel, which will orbit the planet and offer longer stays in space.

Does this represent the dawning of the new age of space flight? Maybe. But I think if private space is to become common, we are going to have to find a more practical application then just tourism.

If nothing else, it shows private industry is vastly superior to government-run programs when it comes to cost effectiveness, practicality, innovation, and even safety.

The link to their site is Here.

Below is an animation created by Virgin Galactic:

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