Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Michael Crichton, Complexity, and the Environment

I was saddened by the death of Michael Crichton. Not only did the world lose an incredibly interesting storyteller, but an incredibly intelligent and objective man.

Here he writes about complex systems, and how they apply to the environment; He even throws little economics and sociology in there. Anybody interested in “saving” the environment should read this. In fact, any body the least bit interested in science, complexity theory, economics, should read this; as it is not only incredibly interesting but incredibly informative.
….who believes that the complex system of our atmosphere behaves in such a simple and predictable way that if we reduce one component, carbon dioxide, we will therefore reliably reduce temperature? CO2 is not like an accelerator on a car. It’s not linear (and by the way, neither is a car accelerator.) And furthermore, who believes that the climate can be stabilized when it has never been stable throughout the earth’s history? We can only entertain such an idea if we don’t really understand what a complex system is.

There are also lots of pictures. So please, read it. It really is very good. A great tribute to a mind that is no longer with us.

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