Thursday, October 11, 2007


As a young lad, I dreamed what normal young lads do; becoming Batman (or, if I couldn’t do that, a Power Ranger), owning my own plane or monster truck, being able to lift very heavy things, and especially, being able to fly with my own Jet-Pack.

Well, one man in Switzerland took this dream more seriously then I did, and built himself his own jet-pack; it not quite Rocket-man, but its one step closer.

His foreign language website is here.

There are some good youtube videos of him here and here.

On an off note; this is one of the reasons I love economic freedom, it allows people to explore avenues that, in poorer or more controlled countries, will not be explored. Does China or Venezuela produce many Jet-Men? For that matter, do they produce many Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

No, they don’t.

Free-markets help set these quirky geniuses lose, thats part of why I support them; if only in the hope that I can fulfill my dream of owning my own Jet-Pack one day.

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