Saturday, October 13, 2007

Veksler on the Future

There is an excellent article by David Veksler about the future at Truth, Justice, and the American way (link to the right.) The article is entitled: Our Techno-Utopian Future: Fallacies and Predictions.

It draws heavily from the works of Ray Kurzwiel and the like, but still offers many new interpretations to the mix; like that our sense of self will be expanded, not contracted, by future technologies.

He does talk about the increased capacity of future people interfacing with computers, but does not mention that, with increased capacity comes increased expectation. New plateaus are reached, if everybody suddenly became twenty-times as strong as they are now, we would not limit ourselves to our formal activities, but expand on them (the Olympics, for instance, would change and expand, as with many other activates.) So those who think the future will be a breeze, with the ability to download information into your brain and lose weight with a pill, are wrong.

It is worth reading, for a quick overview on some of the legitimate worries, and not-so-legitimate worries, and why the future is something to be very optimistic about.

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