Saturday, March 29, 2008

Partial Collider Could End Life As We Know It; But Probably Not

In a month or so, Earth as we know it could not be here, according to this article anyway; heres a quote:

“More fighting in Iraq. Somalia in chaos. People in this country can’t afford their mortgages and in some places now they can’t even afford rice.

None of this nor the rest of the grimness on the front page today will matter a bit, though, if two men pursuing a lawsuit in federal court in Hawaii turn out to be right. They think a giant particle accelerator that will begin smashing protons together outside Geneva this summer might produce a black hole or something else that will spell the end of the Earth — and maybe the universe.

Scientists say that is very unlikely — though they have done some checking just to make sure.”

So go off that diet, and start charging up those credit cards now!

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