Thursday, July 24, 2008

Top 5 New Games I’m Exited About (Expanded Again)

Here are a couple more games on my ‘top 5’ list; there is just so many great games coming out I can’t limit myself to only a few (so excuse me the liberal use of the number ‘5.’)

Valkyria Chronicles

Occasionally, when I grow tired of the metal grey and the rust orange of American games, I turn my eyes to the East for a breath of fresh air; except, for all the virtues and vibrant colors of Japanese games, many of them, for lack of a better term: suck. The characters are many times annoying; the themes are often self-contradictor; bad writing, and often repetitive gameplay. Still, they remain original, and every once in a while they get it very, very right.

Which is why I am exited about Valkyria Chronicles, a Tactical RPG with brilliant graphics; and what looks to be original gameplay in a turn-based tactics game.

Killzone 2

Even I don’t mind the color pallet of this game; the graphics are the most beautiful I have ever seen on a console game. Interesting new Ideas for this game, like taking cover in a first person shooter, and being able to peek out of said cover, are turning this game into something to be exited about.

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