Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burning Down the House

Below is an almost-good video about the current ‘economic crisis.’ You can ignore what it says about immigration and schools, and try to read just the facts from the current political point it is trying to make (please ignore the politics of the video and focus on the facts! This video is somewhat one-sided and ignores the Conservative contribution to this problem.) Ironically, this video correctly identifies that free-markets had little to do with the current crisis, but doesn't seem to know what ‘free-markets’ are.

Still, there are a good deal of facts in this short video, and it’s worth a watch:

It is a common practice for people to point to the failures of government as the failure of free-markets. Let’s just hope people have the slightest inkling to look at the facts.

And I love the slogan of video: “if you don’t believe it, just Google it.” There is a difference between facts and opinions, ideology and reality. The idea that this mess was caused by free-market ideals is factually untrue; I don’t care what political spin anybody, on any side, puts on this; this simple fact is irrefutable. Period.

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