Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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While our candidates are busy throwing ad hominem attacks at each other (ironical, at the same time there busy agreeing with each other on nearly everything) I was gathering up a couple more good bits of information and articles on the bailout and financial panic.

Here is one by John Stossel, in which he rightly criticizes Obama and McCain on their continued support of government intervention.

And Thomas Sowell talks very eloquently and clearly on the irony that the Democrats are benefiting from the financial crisis.

Here is a short but sweat article on the mindset of the bailout; it’s deeper philosophical underpinnings and mistakes.

Another P.H.D in economics, Walter Williams, talks here about the history of the Community Reinvestment Act and how unsound political policies led to what is happening now.

Some very sharp analysis of the problem can be found at TCS Daily. This one is not by a straight free-marketer. Neither is this piece of work, but it is intelligent none-the-less. This, this, this, this, and this are also good.

There are plenty of good resources to get information on the current panic; there are honest voices from nearly any political philosophies. I beg anybody that happens upon this post, just do some research.

I will post more articles as long as I read them

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