Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Enemies of Liberty:

Liberty has many specific enemies, what I am listing below are some of the broad causes for the lose of freedom and liberty. Here are some examples:

Fear- whether it be terrorists or environmental disaster, people always seem willing to trade their freedoms for a feeling of safety.

Freedom also comes with responsibility, and a certain kind of uncertainty, many people simply don’t want this.

Ignorance- Thomas Jefferson said, “whomever wishes to be ignorant and free is wishing for something that never can be”. Freedom takes work, it takes understanding, a society without a proper concept of freedom and liberty can’t hope to hold or achieve it.

Power Luster’s- The various motivations of those who seek power are too numerous for this blog to cover. This covers everybody from the petty tyrant in an elementary school classroom to state dictators; some people, for various reasons, wish to control others. Perhaps they feel they can control their world better if they have control of the people around them, or maybe their compensating for a lack of self, or perhaps they want to feel important, or maybe their just narcissistic; whatever the reasons, we should fight these people wherever we find them, and fight for a government that recognizes none of them.

Irrationality- Not the same as ignorance, an irrational person can also be well educated. Simply stated, irrationality is not adhering to the facts of realty, refusing or unable to recognize logic. Irrational people are far more dangerous then the simply ignorant, because they can often defend their ideas, and make them seem valid. The rise of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union where acts of irrationality, not ignorance.

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