Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why Al Gore?

Al Gore is testifying about the effects of man-caused Global Warming this week;in my mind, one huge question stands out: Why is Al Gore testifying at all?

He is not a scientist; he might be knowledgeable, but he has absolutely no qualifications to be talking professionally about climate change. When congress heard testimony about Dolly (the cloned sheep) they brought in the scientist who invented the technology; why now, in what is regarded as “the most important scientific issue in the century” are we hearing testimony from a politician?

Even the part of the scientific community that agrees with man-made global warming does not hold Gore in high regards.

If congress was serious about getting to the truth about climate change, they would not be putting on this show. The testimony presented absolutely no science, no research; just a series of bad logical connections and meaningless rhetoric; and like most bad ideas, it had to take itself as a given.

Typical of politicians, but even more disgusting because they corrupted the scientific proccess to do it.

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