Sunday, March 4, 2007

Why do they get so much attention?

In the wake of yet another Ann Coulter controversy, I have to wonder-why do people like her get so much attention? The answer is simple, entertainment and simplicity. It is more fun to see a Michael Moore or an Ann Coulter on stage then somebody reasonable. This need for ugly and easy entertainment is not confined to the political world, just look at how many are captivated by the Anna Nicole story.

Furthermore, the ideas of people like that never reach any level of completeness or logical clarity, they tend to be slogan-bond, and very simplistic; this is why most of what they talk about is what they dislike, if they were forced to defend their own views, the logical fallacies would become apparent.

This raises the question; are good and reasonable ideas always going to be playing second fiddle to ideas with more shock entertainment value? Will society adopt bad political ideas; doom the media to obsessing about lifeless celebrities; and waste more time on silly “controversies” that ultimately achieve nothing but reviling shallow political animosity? Will society do all that just to fulfill its need for entertainment?

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