Monday, August 4, 2008

Fast-Food Banned!

This is a great idea.

Los Angeles has passed a law banning new Fast-Food establishments for one year. I expect in this one-year obesity will sharply decline (as fast food is undoubtedly the main cause of obesity; not silly things like behavior and lifestyle.)

Thank you, Los Angeles, for protecting us poor folk from the horrors of choice and responsibility. Now we don’t have to spend long hours teaching our children these false virtues; simply depriving us of bad choices makes us better. Right?

And who does McDonalds (and their ilk) think they are? How dare they try to exercise their moral and constitution rights to trade willingly with other people without the State’s permission! How dare they create a desirable product! How dare they create good food, convenient locations, fun atmosphere, and an affordable product!

A laugh at the old myth that obesity is caused primarily (in most cases) by life choices; Ha! Everybody knows that free-will and self-control are myths (and by extension, responsibility and self-responsibility.) Fast-food restaurants are devious manipulators of our desires; twisting us until we are practically slaves to their dollar menus. Well, now we have a state that will protect us from them. And really, what is free-will in the face of a quarter-pounder with all the fixings?

This bill creates some great precedents. I can only hope it goes further. Maybe Los Angeles can forcibly replace kid’s Playstations with treadmills. Force birthday cakes to be made out of asparagus. Limit the amount of TV a person can watch to thirty minutes a day. Even decree that the only thing a person can play on the radio is the theme to Rocky.

And isn’t that the Governments job? To stop people from making choices contrary to what the state deems as appropriate; To curtail that old demon: Free-Trade; and to protect us from the tyranny of choice.

All I have to say, is 'good thing we have an all-powerfull State to protects us from ourselves.'

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