Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three More

I thought I would throw a few more games out there that I’m exited about; just for fun, and because these posts are easy to write and require little thought. So here you go:


Another sandbox game, this one looks a little more brutal then most (even by GTA IV standers.) You play a genetically engineered dude with no past searching for whoever "did this" to him. He has quite a few powers available to him; including a particularly brutal one in which he kills someone, and then is able to absorb the body into his own, and become that person (with their memories.)

The gameplay footage I’ve seen so far seems a bit choppy, and the combat seems at times awkward; though the adaptive Parkour seems spot on and incredibly fun. Let’s hope this promising title turns into something great.


I don’t know much about the gameplay, except that it is a third-person shooter; what I do know is that all the voices from the original film will be back, and this will be an official sequel to the Ghostbusters franchise.

Now, Ghostbusters was one of the movies that helped shape my childhood, I was the kid running around his backyard with a plastic protopack. So you can understand why I would get exited about this.

I just hope the game is able to deliver.

Little Big Planet

I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned this game yet; I love puzzle games, and I love platformers, I also like a sense of freedom and control in my game. Little Big Planet is a game that gives you all this, and then some. The degree of customization in the environment is incredible, as well as the very natural looking physics engine.

I can’t wait to play with it, and to see what other people are able to come up with.

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