Monday, August 18, 2008

My Rule

I’ve recently made a rule for myself concerning this blog: if I don’t post anything in five days or more, I need to post something, about anything at all

You see, I made a mistake; I got so exited about blogging that I started making blogs about every subject I was interested in. I now have eight blogs. This has turned blogging into a chore, and I now have eight mediocre blogs then one good one.

Well, I plan to fix this problem soon; but until then, I have to stick to the rule. So here it goes:

Camponotus saundersi

This is a Malaysian Ant species with a very unique defense mechanism. When threatened, the solider ants will contract their bodies, causing glands to explode which sprays poison in all directions, killing the surrounding enemy. Of course, the ant dies in the process. It turns out Nature created suicide bombers long before we did.

So there, I have posted something, the rule is satisfied.

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