Monday, May 5, 2008


DeviantArt is a site where anybody can post their work; and sell it if they want. Right now, you can go on this site and post a painting, a doodle, a picture, a poem or short story, or you can post a blank white box and call it “reflections on nothingness.”

Because of this, most of the work on DeviantArt is not great. But there are some great talents working there, like Robert Tracey. Plus, when searching for work it is usually listed by most popular, which usually means the best work comes up first.

A lot of the work is anime and sci-fi inspired; which is not a bad thing, the site just has a certain audience. This site is just plain fun; it’s a great way to look at art, promote yourself, and even make a little money (like Quent Cordair, this will remain on my links list.)

Here are a couple samples:

Catch-Me, by Night-Fate

Ship, by ~Pa-le

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