Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Needs to be Known About Hoover

I wince whenever I hear that Hoover was a supporter of free-markets or laissez-faire Capitilism. It is so easily proven wrong. And it is not wrong in some abstract sense, it is not a matter of argumentation, it is factually wrong. It is like saying “President George Washington is a woman”; it simply has no merit.

And yet, in most history books, in most lectures, and in most people eyes: Hoover was a stanch supporter of ‘free-markets’, which eventually led to the Great Depression (and thank God to FDR for saving the day!)

Well, here is Hoover, in his own words, talking about the various achievements of his administration right before the 1932 election. Judge for yourself how “laissez-faire” they are.

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